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Citizens’ Offices

Citizens’ Offices (Bürgerbüros) in Dresden offer a comprehensive administrative service during consultation hours.

Citizens can clear up various issues with a member of staff at their local Bürgerbüro. The services are selected to focus on particularly frequent or urgent administrative procedures.

If complex issues cannot be definitively handled at a Bürgerbüro, they will be noted there and passed on to the appropriate specialist offices. Citizens can receive information and advice for numerous types of applications. The contact details of other branches of the city administration can be provided upon request.

The range of services provided by Bürgerbüros specifically includes:

Citizen advice

  • Basic information about the responsibilities of the city administration and subordinate institutions
  • Provision of contact details for individual members of staff within the city administration, and regional and national authorities
  • General information about the city administration
  • Provision of free information materials (e.g. Welcome Pack for Newcomers in Dresden)
  • Sale of city printouts (e.g. rent levels and holiday passes)
  • Receipt and forwarding of notifications, complaints and suggestions

Application service

We have numerous application forms; we can help you fill them out and forward your documents to the appropriate specialist offices. Some of our application forms include:

  • Tree felling approval (request for exemption from the Charter for the Protection of Trees and Shrubs ~ Gehölzschutzsatzung)
  • Special use of public roads
  • Application for a communal market stall
  • Financial aid for the blind
  • Pass for the severely disabled
  • BaföG (application for education funding)
  • Welfare benefits for war victims

If you like, we can also provide you with application forms from regional and national authorities; however, we cannot offer you advice or process such applications.

Passports, ID cards and registration

  • Applications for ID cards and passports
  • Applications for child passports, provisional ID cards and provisional passports
  • Reporting lost ID cards, passports and child ID cards
  • Completion of registration processes, such as registration, de-registration and re-registration of residences, and changes to residency status (main and secondary residence) Please note: When registering a place of residence, a written declaration from the person providing the residence (usually the landlord) has been mandatory since 1 November 2015. The rental agreement is not sufficient.
  • Issuance of registration cards
  • Issuance of residence cards (for submission to the registry office)
  • Entry in address book and disclosure blocks
  • Provision of information from the register of residents (first name, surname, doctoral degree and current address of individual residents – simple information from the register of residents)
  • Requests for criminal records and information from the commercial central register
  • Certification of signatures, duplicates and copies
  • Provision of family passes
  • Modification of car registration book following change of address

Housing allowance and permits for state-subsidised housing

  • Provision and receipt of application forms for housing allowance and benefits
  • Provision of application forms for state-subsidised housing
  • Advice and support with application forms
  • Forwarding to the Social Welfare Office (Sozialamt)

Social issues

  • Counselling for social problems and information on assistance
  • Provision of contact details for specialist counselling services
  • Provision and receipt of application forms for various welfare benefits, e.g. Dresden Pass, exemption from / reduction of broadcasting fees, and welfare benefits contained in the Basic Income Law (Grundsicherungsgesetz)
  • Support with application forms
  • Forwarding to the Social Welfare Office (Sozialamt)

Supplementary services

  • Registration and de-registration of dogs for the purposes of dog tax
  • Lost property
  • Application for disabled parking badges
  • Issuance of organ donor cards and relevant information material
  • Provision of yellow recycling bags and sale of bin bags for household waste (120 litres)
  • Receipt and forwarding of business registrations (only initial applications and industry)
  • Transfer to driving services for the disabled
  • The district of Loschwitz does not have its own Bürgerbüro. Similar to the town hall, however, it does offer citizen advice with certain administrative Services.