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Arrival & Public Transport

The City of Dresden possesses ideal connections by rail, road, river and air both with its immediate surroundings but also with more distant destinations.

Hotel Signage System

Visitors are directed from the motorway exits and via Federal Trunk Roads 172 and 173 to the hotels using a hotel signage system. The system is arranged in four routes marked in different colours:

  • Hotelroute A: blue
  • Hotelroute B: red
  • Hotelroute C: purple
  • Hotelroute D: yellow

Local public Transport

Additionally, Dresdners and their guests are offered an efficient transport network within the city. 12 tram and 29 bus routes, four river ferries and two cable cars serve the whole area of the city of Dresden. The Dresden-City-Card and the Dresden-Regio-Card offer you not only mobility on the public transport network, but also free admission in selected museums and numerous other reductions.

Pedestrians & Bicycle

Pedestrian system for tourists

Since 2004 Dresden has been working to develop and extend the pedestrian system for tourists. After the first information sign was set in front of the Blockhaus at Neustädter Markt, 46 further signs have been set at locations like railway stations, stops and parking places. From there the signs show the direction to sights of cultural and historical importance. All signs show a map of the area of the inner ring road and the direction to walk to reach the sights. The most important destinations are signposted in German and English to help the numerous foreign guests with orientation.

Being flexible by bike through Dresden

Going by bike is a cost-effective and flexible way to discover Dresden. There are bicycle routes along many major streets. Together all routes already count more than 360 kilometers. The most important inner bicycle road is called Elberadweg, which is going along the coast of the river Elbe, afar from road traffic.