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Integration and Foreigner Advisory Council

The Integration and Foreigner Advisory Council is a committee elected by migrants living in Dresden, which represents the interests of migrants. It consists of 20 members - 11 members with a migration background and 9 city council members.

All projects of the city that particularly concern migrated individuals will be presented to the Integration and Foreigners' Advisory Council. This council provides an advisory opinion to the Mayor and the City Council. The Integration and Foreigners' Advisory Council can select a representative who gains the right to be heard and to speak in the City Council, in order to express opinions on migrant-relevant topics.

The Integration and Foreigner Advisory Council collaborates in partnership with the Lord-Mayor as well as the City Council, participating in local political decision-making processes to the extent that the interests of migrants are affected.

The Integration and Foreigner Advisory Council of the state capital Dresden is committed to ensuring that no person is privileged or discriminated against on the grounds of race, nationality and language, homeland and ethnic origin, or beliefs.

Leaflet Integration and Foreigner Advisory Council

Here you can find the Leaflet from the Integration and Foreigner Advisory Council.


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