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Integration & Foreign Citizens Advisory Committee

The Integration & Foreign Citizens Advisory Committee of the City of Dresden has 20 members - 11 foreign citizens and 9 city councillors. The chairperson of the committee is elected from among the foreign citizens, while the deputy chairperson is a councillor.

All municipal projects which could significantly affect foreign residents are presented to the Integration & Foreign Citizens Advisory Committee, as an advisory committee of the Mayor's Office, for comment before resolutions are passed by the executive committees or city council.

A representative of the foreign citizens sitting on the Integration & Foreign Citizens Advisory Committee is entitled to speak and demand hearing on all matters which directly affect foreign residents in the city. This representative is furthermore entitled to attend any city council committee meeting with the status of an expert resident, insofar as the council committee is discussing matters which affect foreign residents. The representative is elected by the Foreign Residents Committee.

Through the Press and Public Relations Office of the City of Dresden, the Integration & Foreign Citizens Advisory Committee is permitted to inform the public on its activities and to issue press statements, provided no confidential details of non-public negotiations are disclosed.

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