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Stadt-Land-Plus-Project OLGA

Promotion of urban-rural linkages for sustainable land use and resource efficiency in the Dresden region

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For the sustainable development of regions, it is important to balance growing economic and social differences between rural and urban areas. OLGA initiates city-regional cooperations in the Dresden region and supports the networking of regional actors, upgrading ecosystem services, strengthening regional economic cycles and mutual understanding among the population.

Rivers and floodplains are important green lifelines in cities and rural areas. OLGA aims equally at improving the ecological function of these green elements and at creating regional value cycles in the Dresden region. The focus is on the cultivation of agircultural woods and shrubs along watercourses in combination with agricultural production and regional distribution of wooden biomass and field crops. Public awareness of regional interactions is strengthened. Municipalities, science, society and companies in the region are strongly working together.

OLGA will develop a transferable solution for the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive, taking into account regional economic relations, interests of land owners, flood prevention and participation of the population equally. The project results intensify the economic development of rural areas through urban-rural cooperation and social cohesion in the Dresden region.

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