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Stadt-Land-Plus-Project OLGA

Promotion of urban-regional cooperation for sustainable land and resource use in Dresden and surrounding area

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The OLGA project promotes opportunities for sustainable land use and regional value creation in the Dresden region. The focus of a two-year research phase (2020-2022) is on investigating the microclimatic effects of agroforestry structures on their immediate surroundings, such as watercourses, as well as analyses of woody plant physiology and vegetation development in and around the agroforestry system. OLGA aims to promote the implementation of agroforestry systems along watercourses. These can provide important ecosystem services - both along watercourses and in the agricultural landscape - such as CO2 sequestration, soil regeneration, protection against pollutant inputs into watercourses, reduction of (wind) erosion and habitats for birds and insects.

The partners in OLGA support urban-regional partnerships and value chains. Additional value creation potential for wood chips for heat generation or for food from vegetables and pulses from the region is being analysed and tested in cooperation with regional partners. OLGA advises start-ups in the food sector on the development of business and financing models that are as community-orientated and regional as possible.

Citizens in Dresden and the surrounding area are actively involved in the project using participatory methods within the framework of citizen science and research into the added value that sustainable land use and regional nutrition can have for their own environment and quality of life.

The OLGA project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the Stadt-Land-Plus programme. The project partners are TU Dresden, the Dresden Environmental Centre, Biomasse Schraden e. V. and the state capital Dresden.


Project coordination

Anke Hahn

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