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The Dresden Synagogue

The historical synagogue

The historical Dresden Synagogue was built between 1838 to 1840 to plans by and under the supervision of the famous architect Gottfried Semper.

A new place of worship

The original place of Jewish worship in the city was badly damaged during the infamous night of pogroms in Germany in 1938 and was subsequently demolished. Exactly 60 years later to the day, on 9th November 1998, the first spade was turned to commence the building of a new synagogue.

The Jewish community in Dresden

The Jewish community in Dresden can look back to a history of more than 160 years. The consecration of the New Dresden Synagogue marked the end of a long period of waiting for a new permanent place of worship. For the past 50 years, the community had had to make do with a provisional home.


The New Dresden Synagogue was consecrated as planned on 9th November 2001. The building stands almost exactly at the same location as its predecessor: On Hasenberg alongside the Carolabrücke bridge.


The reconstruction of the New Dresden Synagogue was financed through generous donations and public funding. Even after the consecration in 2001, the building continues to receive support.