Landeshauptstadt Dresden - 30.11.2023 12:33:40 Uhr 22.07.2024 09:26:45 Uhr

Intelligent Robots – the new colleagues made in Dresden

Robots are part of everyday life in business, medicine and agriculture. They are revolutionising industrial manufacturing, and advancing automation and digitisation at SMEs and major corporate groups worldwide. Scientists and innovative startups in Dresden are working on solutions to global robotics challenges.

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Closely connected: Humans and machines are already inter-networked in Dresden, representing the city’s innovative research efforts. The future of robotics lies in Dresden's Robot Valley.

Robots are able to assist people in need of care, revolutionize industrial manufacturing processes or facilitate harvesting processes. They are used in more and more areas of life and work. It is of no surprise that demand for robotic solutions is growing worldwide; the industry is booming. At the high-tech location of Dresden, renowned scientists and globally active companies are pushing the development of the new robot generation at full speed.

At Dresden University of Technology, university of excellence since 2012, new types of flexible materials, manufacturing processes and bionic robot systems inspired by nature are under development. The goal of the international teams of experts is to create adaptable solutions that will improve the co-working among people and robotic colleagues.