Landeshauptstadt Dresden - 04.03.2022 09:37:22 Uhr 01.12.2022 08:02:04 Uhr

Mobile robot cell for quality control


For the last 30 years, Dresden-based software company Robotron has been developing intelligent solutions for managing and analysing large volumes of data. Over the years, some applications have resulted in all kinds of product groups, including the modular Robotron energy-market platform, a collection database and the Robotron energy-management system for industry, commerce and trade. A ‘RoboSpector’ has also been created in co-operation with Dresden start-up Wandelbots. This refers to a mobile robot cell that can be flexibly taught quality-control tasks without any prior programming knowledge – swiftly, cost-effectively and reliably. The lightweight robot is currently being used as a complete solution for simple and varied applications in industrial manufacturing, e.g. at BMW.