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6th of August 2020 | Expansion of the “Universelle Werke” planned – New Innovation Campus for Robotics and Lightweight Constructions in Dresden

The “Universelle Werke“, the Dresden innovation center for high-tech companies, is to be expanded by 2022. Already now, the centre on the site of the old factory is home to start-ups, research and technology companies in the fields of lightweight construction and new materials, digitalization as well as future mobility and robotics. Since its inauguration in 2019, the location enjoys great popularity and its capacity is fully utilized. Therefore the Dresden Economic Development Agency together with the real estate experts from Immopact are now planning the spatial expansion. This will create a completely new innovation campus focusing on robotics and lightweight construction in the heart of the city. The reactivation of an additional 15,000 square meters will almost quadruple the usable area of the Universelle Werke and provide space for many further innovative companies.

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Dresdner Gewerbehofgesellschaft mbH

Universelle Werke
One of the already renovated buildings on the site of the old factory

30th of July 2020 | Coboworx opens new office at the “Universelle Werke” – Business location Dresden attractive for up-and-coming robotics-startup

The company coboworx with its headquarters in Osann-Monzel near Trier opens a new office at the “Universelle Werke”, a technology centre in Robot Valley Dresden. The startup offers robot-based automation solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. The founders cite the innovative strength of the TU Dresden and the exciting ecosystem of the location in the field of robotics as decisive factors in the choice of location. In addition, the city's fast decision to grant an innovation support contributed to the decision. coboworx specializes in collaborative robots, so-called cobots. The company has developed a new software-based method for significantly shortening the risk and hazard assessment of new cobots and offers an online platform for the digitalised recognition of automation potential and the calculation of the ROI.

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Die coboworx Gründer Olaf Gehrels, Klaus Wagner, Georg Matheus und Ralf Zeisberger (v.l.)
The coboworx Founders Olaf Gehrels, Klaus Wagner, Georg Matheus und Ralf Zeisberger (from left to right)

14th of July 2020 | Dresden companies take part in the HANNOVER MESSE DIGITAL DAYS

Several companies from Dresden presented their work at the virtual HANNOVER MESSE DIGITAL DAYS on 14 and 15 July. N+P Informationssysteme GmbH presented its development of a "Digital Twin" which acts as a human-centered information point in industrial software, FCP Fuel Cell Powertrain GmbH presented innovative fuel cells and powertrains for the international market and Wandelbots showcased its latest product, the TracePen. Two Fraunhofer Institutes also participated, EAS Dresden of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS participated with an innovation in the field of sensor technology and predictive maintenance, and the presentation of the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS featured an innovation in the field of green hydrogen.


Hannover Messe Digital Days

You can watch the presentations here

Hannover Messe Digital Days 14. & 15. Juli 2020

10th of July 2020 | TU Dresden Cluster of Excellence makes spectacular discovery in the field of solid state physics

The Cluster of Excellence Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter (CT.QMAT) of TU Dresden opens up new fields of research for physicists from all over the world with a spectacular discovery. The research group was able to demonstrate phenomena of quantum physics in ultrapure metals on a macroscopic level for the first time. Previously, most of these phenomena had only been observed at the smaller microscopic level, thereby on the scale of atoms and electrons. Experimental evidence was obtained on the ultrapure metals palladium cobalt oxide and platinum cobalt oxide by measuring periodic superpositions of electron waves over a length of 20,000 atomic distances. Previously, only measurements over a length of ten to 100 atomic distances were common.

Excellence Newsletter of the TU Dresden, topic: Wow research: Quantum physics in ultrapure materials observed


Scientific publication


8th of July 2020 – Three Dresden startups are awarded the Saxon Founders Prize - Morphus Space GmbH wins first place

Three of the five winners of the Saxon Founders Prize 2020 are companies from Dresden. The prize was awarded as part of the digital format of the futureSAX innovation conference.

The first place was awarded to Dresden-based Morpheus Space GmbH for amazingly small and efficient propulsion solutions for the autonomous operation of satellites.

The second place went to Semron GmbH, also based in Dresden, for manufacturing semiconductor chips with the energy efficiency of a brain.

The third place also went, partly, to Dresden, to Peerox GmbH for a self-learning assistance system for operating machinery. The third place was also awarded to LiGenium GmbH from Chemnitz, the audience award went to BSW-Education from Thalheim.

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The Startups:
Morpheus Space

24th of June 2020 | New laboratory complex in Dresden – Institute for research on quantum materials planned

The Leibnitz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research (IFW) is planning the construction of a new building complex on premises of about 10,000 square meters in Dresden. From 2024 onwards, it will offer space for laboratories specialising on industry-related research as well as a newly planned institute for research on quantum materials. Research on these materials, which have particularly special properties due to quantum effects, is expected to help achieve breakthroughs in the fields of quantum computer construction, the energy industry and medical technology. The IWF is already located in Dresden, but the currently used premises already provide insufficient space.
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17th of June 2020 | Microsoft and Siemens invest in Dresdner Startup Wandelbots – TracePen successfully launched

The latest innovation by Wandelbots: The Tracepen
The latest innovation by Wandelbots: The Tracepen

The TracePen, the latest innovation of the Dresden start-up Wandelbots, is now available on the market. The device allows for the uncomplicated programming of industrial robots without special previous knowledge. In its Series B financing round, Wandelbots recently raised a total of 26 million euros. Among the investors were the London-based venture capital firm VC 83North, as well as Microsoft and Siemens. Additionally, investors who had already participated in the last financing round in 2018 further expanded their investments.

product launch
robot teaching and installation (german)
financing round (german)
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16th of June 2020 | Dresden uses climate-friendly concrete - foundation stone laid for the carbon house "CUBE"

The Carbonhaus “CUBE”
The Carbonhaus “CUBE”

The first house made entirely of carbon concrete is now under construction. On 16th of June the foundation stone for the Carbonhaus "CUBE" was laid on the premises of the TU Dresden. The university has been developing the carbon fibre reinforced concrete in many years of research. The material is significantly lighter and more durable than steel reinforced concrete and thus saves up to 70% CO2 due to less material needed. Completely new architectural forms can also be realized, as is impressively demonstrated by the curved roof of the carbon house. In Dresden, carbon concrete is already being used for a bridge extension. The renovation work on the "Carola Bridge" is already well advanced and the building material has proven itself to be viable.

digital laying of the foundation stone
CUBE: "We're writing history"
german press: "Dresden gets house from super concrete"
construction progress of the "Carola bridge"
international news coverage

17th of May 2020 | Dresden offers optimal job prospects also after the crisis

A Robot developed by the Excellence Cluster CeTI of TU Dresden
A Robot developed by the Excellence Cluster CeTI of TU Dresden

In a comprehensive study conducted by the London-based provider of training and further education FutureLearn, which assessed the job prospects of cities after the corona crisis, Dresden is ranked 14th globally. It thereby ranks third among the German cities following only Munich (9th place) and Stuttgart (13th place). The study is based on forecasts of the economic stability and career opportunities of the location. Factors such as the cost of living, labor law, the quality of healthcare, opportunities for immigrants and equal rights, as well as forecasts for unemployment and economic growth were all considered in the study.

6th of May 2020 | 5G NetMobil presents research results on information exchange in road traffic

More security and efficiency through real-time communication.
More security and efficiency through real-time communication.

The 5G NetMobil research project, coordinated by TU Dresden, has presented its results. The 5G NetMobil is a merger of 16 partners from research, medium-sized businesses and industry, who develop digital communication concepts for road traffic.

In addition to five concrete applications for networking between vehicles and their communication with the traffic infrastructure, requirements for the future 5G network have also been developed. The results will be incorporated into the worldwide standardization of infrastructure, as well as into business models and first serial projects of partners such as BMW, Volkswagen and the traffic light manufacturer Dresden Elektronik Ingenieurtechnik GmbH:

4th of May 2020 | Wandelbots presents TracePen for robot control

With the TracePen by Wandelbots, movements are easily transferred to robots for imitation.
With the TracePen by Wandelbots, movements are easily transferred to robots for imitation.

The Dresden-based startup Wandelbots has introduced a new product, the TracePen, which is designed to facilitate the introduction of robots into smaller companies. Movements which are performed manually can be transferred to be imitated by via the TracePen, thus eliminating the cost-intensive effort of programming. Wandelbots hereby launches its first product available on the market in higher quantities.

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9th of April 2020 | Magazine "Business Punk" declares Dresden an ideal location for high-tech

New Terrace of the Congress Center
New Terrace of the Congress Center

Heliatek, Sunfire and Cloud&Heat are just three examples of Dresden-based companies offering solutions for climate change due to the development of new technologies and products. The magazine Business Punk visited them and took a close look at Dresden as a high-tech location. Read more

2nd of April 2020 | Fraunhofer spin-off launches revolutionary audio technology

Speakers made of silicon
Speakers made of silicon

The Dresden-based Fraunhofer IPMS spin-off Arioso Systems GmbH has launched a new silicon-based transducer principle into the market. The new technology enables a new type of extremely small micro loudspeakers. These are used, for example, in miniaturized headphones, which can now integrate applications such as instant translation or other voice-based internet services. The project is supported by the Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen, the High-Tech-Gründerfonds III and business angels, among others. Read more

2nd of April 2020 | Biotype develops rapid test for Coronavirus

Development of the coronavirus test for the "Modaplex" diagnostic system.
Development of the coronavirus test for the "Modaplex" diagnostic system.

The Dresden-based company Biotype has developed a corona test for its "Modaplex" diagnostic system. The test was developed in partnership with the US pharmaceutical company "Eli Lilly", which intends to use the test for corona diagnosis in the USA. The biotype test system delivers results within two hours.

2nd of April 2020 | Dresden located Barkhausen Institute involved in development of the Corona Proximity Tracking System

The Dresden Barkhausen Institute, which works closely with the TU Dresden and specializes in the core fields of the Internet of Things (IoT), is a member and contributor to the European initiative Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing (PEPP-PT). This initiative develops a basis for digital tracing in accordance with European data protection law in order to reduce the impact of the corona pandemic on life and society. The initiative has been able to contribute to the development of the security architecture, to operating system connectivity and to radio measurement for proximity detection of two individual mobile phones.
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31st of March 2020 | Researchers at TU Dresden develop 3D-knitted mouth-nose mask

Ready-made textile 3D knitted mouth-nose mask
Ready-made textile 3D knitted mouth-nose mask

The technicians and scientists of the Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Materials Technology (ITM) at the TU Dresden, together with a cooperation partner, have succeeded in developing a fast variant for the production of novel textile 3D knitted masks for mouth and nose and have produced a prototype for immediate use. The production does not require any additional manufacturing effort.
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23rd of May 2020 | DRESDEN-concept partner in the fight against the coronavirus - urgently needed parts for respirators can be manufactured by 3D printing processes

A valve for ventilators additively manufactured by the 3D printer of the DRESDEN-concept partners
A valve for ventilators additively manufactured by the 3D printer of the DRESDEN-concept partners

Due to the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, supply chains are currently partly interrupted, which leads to bottlenecks in production. In various European countries, 3D printing companies have established platforms to produce missing components, e.g. for ventilators by means of additive manufacturing processes, thus supporting medical technology companies. The European Commission's call for research clusters to register their 3D printers and to participate in the production of required materials, which was launched last week, has already been followed by several DRESDEN-concept partners, such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS, the Chair of Technical Design at the TU Dresden, the Center for Translational Bone, Joint and Soft Tissue Research at the Carl Gustav Carus Medical Faculty of the TU Dresden and the Makerspace at SLUB.
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16th of March 2020 | Globalfoundries Dresden wins new customers and orders

A semiconductor wafer produced by the semiconductor company Globalfoundries
A semiconductor wafer produced by the semiconductor company Globalfoundries

The Dresden-based chip factory of the semiconductor company Globalfoundries (GF) is expected to be fully utilized by the end of 2020 due to new customers and orders. The circuits manufactured there consume comparatively little electricity, which makes them particularly interesting for mobile devices and battery-powered machines. The company is currently expecting the corona crisis to have a negative impact of two to three months...
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5th of March 2020 | Dresden solar module factory doubles production capacity

Production of photovoltaic modules in Dresden
Production of photovoltaic modules in Dresden

The Dresden-based photovoltaic system provider "Solarwatt" is on course for growth even in difficult times. Following sales records, the company is investing ten million euros in research and development as well as a new production line in Dresden. Solarwatt is thus doubling its production capacity at this location.
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5th of March 2020 | Wandelbots Co-Founder Christian Piechnick receives German Startup Award in the category Best Newcomer

Christian Piechnick receives the German Startup Award in the category “Best Newcomer”
Christian Piechnick receives the German Startup Award in the category “Best Newcomer”

The prize for the best newcomer of the "German Startup Award" goes to Dresden - to Christian Piechnick, one of the five founders of Wandelbots. In Berlin, the German Startups Association selected actors of the German startup scene in five categories for the first time.