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A bicycle is probably the most flexible and inexpensive means of transport, especially in city traffic. Cycle lanes are provided along many of the city's main road arteries, and their total length has in the meantime surpassed 250 kilometres.

Elbe Cycle Path

The most important cycle route in Dresden is the Elbe Cycle Path, which winds its way through the city along the traffic-free banks of the river. Cyclists enjoy unique flair as they cross the whole city - along the endless green Elbe meadows.


The Dresden group of the German Cyclists Club (ADFC) provides a multitude of useful information for cyclists: Brochures and flyers are published at regular intervals.

The ADFC Internet site also lists addresses of local cycle hire stations and self-help repair workshops.

Rickshaw taxi service

A flexible rickshaw taxi is the ideal vehicle to get around in the city centre - fast, safe and inexpensive. Unaffected by congested traffic and oblivious to parking worries, the comfortable rickshaws offer ample space for two passengers plus two suitcases and hand luggage. The journey can usually begin within a few minutes of your call. The rickshaw taxis operate 365 days a year - weather permitting.

Travel with your finger on the pulse of the city. Let your friendly driver tell you what currently moves the local people, and what is going on in the city.