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Negative certificate

Upon application, the nationality authority issues a certificate of non-existence of German nationality. This negative certificate is often required by the responsible embassy when applying for a national passport. Below you will find the application for the issuance of a negative certificate. Please fill out the application and send it (in PDF format) to

To the application form you would need to send the following documents also in PDF format (if available):

  • current national passport,
  • current residence permit,
  • birth certificate (with German translation if necessary),
  • marriage certificate, if applicable (with German translation, if necessary),
  • divorce decree, if applicable (with German translation, if applicable), and
  • evidence of a change of name, if applicable.

After checking and issuing, the negative certificate will be sent to you by post. A fee of 51.00 euros will be charged for processing. You will also receive the fee notice by mail.

Please keep in mind that the negative certificate for presentation at the embassy must not be older than 30 days.

Documents needed: Negative certificate request

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