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Request certificate of good conduct

The certificate of good conduct is a document printed on special green paper with the federal eagle, which is issued by the Federal Central Register in Bonn upon request for any person over the age of 14. In addition to the complete personal data, the certificate of good conduct mainly states whether the person concerned has a criminal record or not. It thus essentially serves as proof of impeccability (for example, when taking up employment).

What types of certificates of good conduct are there?

  • for private purposes ("private management certificate")
  • for presentation to a public authority ("Behördenführungszeugnis")
  • for submission to an authority with prior inspection at the district court

Extended certificate of good conduct

Persons who work or are to work in a professional capacity, in an honorary capacity or in any other way close to children and young people require an "extended certificate of good conduct". When submitting the application, a written request must be submitted from the office requiring the extended certificate of good conduct, confirming that the requirements of Section 30a (1) of the Federal Central Register Act have been met.