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Only official certifications can be issued by the citizens' offices.

If official certification is excluded due to a legal regulation or if public certification is required, e.g. in inheritance matters, the notary or the legally designated office is responsible.

Examples in which official certification by citizens is excluded:

  • Excerpts from the register of associations: responsible is the local court / register of associations
  • Property matters: the land registry office is responsible
  • Civil status certificates issued in the Federal Republic of Germany: the competent registry office of the place of the event is responsible (e.g. for Dresden
  • Contracts
  • Property matters
  • Association and commercial register matters
  • Declarations in the field of family and inheritance law

If the document contains gaps, crossings out, changes, illegible words, numbers or signs, traces of elimination of words, numbers and signs, or if the coherence of a document consisting of several sheets is removed, it shall not be certified. The decision on this matter is the responsibility of the citizens' offices.