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3D City model

Since June 2005 the state capital of Dresden has been working on modern technologies in order to efficiently prototype an administration-wide standardized 3D city model. On a tech-nologically high level, the computer model combines centralized data storage management benefits with the ability to be useful for a wide range of applications within the administration. Under the supervision of the department of surveying, several private companies, universities and departments within the city of Dresden participated on the project. The 3D city model is based on official municipal geodata, DEMs (digital elevation models), orthophotos, buildings from survey maps, architecture models, vegetation data, land-use plans, etc., which are increasingly available in an up-to-date, area-wide, and high quality manner for the whole urban area. With the integration of these different data sources, the city model can be used for a wide range of applications and therefore be helpful for making urban planning and administration processes more up to date and transparent. Recent projects include the visualization of traffic routing, e.g. "Waldschlößchen" bridge, noise mapping, designing tram and bus stops including surrounding built up areas, the presentation of business locations, and the data generation for google earth.

Technical facts

  • 328 km2 of modelized ground surface
  •  7.6 GB texturized orthophotos   with 20 cm ground resolution
  •  some 136,000 buildings taken from the official Dresden survey map as block model (LOD1)
  •  37,000 CityGML building models including roof geometry (LOD2)
  •  200 detailed building models (LOD3), 128 with realistic facade textures
  •  80,000 trees
  •  data basis: state capital Dresden, department of surveying and city planning