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City of art

»Dresden gave me great pleasure, and my desire to think about art was revived. There are unbelievable treasures of all kinds at this beautiful place.«

This positive review was given by no lesser person than Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, after he had just spent his fourth stay in Dresden in 1794, during which he made several visits to the city's art collections, and above all to the famous Picture Gallery. On visits to his friend Christian Gottfried Körner, Friedrich Schiller met many important contemporaries among the former's wide circle of acquaintances and drew important inspiration for his literary works. Just a few years later, Heinrich von Kleist was equally enthusiastic about the city, its delightful setting, the slopes of the Elbe valley and the »positively Italian skies« above.

The names of these three poets stand as representatives for countless famous names in art, music, literature and science, for all those who were at home in Dresden over the centuries and found stimulation in the creative atmosphere in the city.

Similar conclusions, albeit in more modern words, are still today left behind by Dresden visitors who explore the city with an attentive eye and who are receptive to the uniquely harmonious blend of art, culture and natural beauty which makes up the special charm of Dresden.