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Smart Communications

The aim is to make contemporary and future-oriented digital supply a pre-requisite for the residential, business, technological and tourism hub that is Dresden. Broadband with data rates higher than 50 Mbit/s has 98% availability in Dresden, providing a basis for a number of Wi-Fi hotspots – such as at the customer centres of Dresden transport companies and the currently 37 MOBI stations. 4G has comprehensive coverage across Dresden, and 5G has been available in many parts of the city since the summer of 2020.

5G is the basis for Germany’s technological supremacy and the further development of the high-technology hub that is Dresden. The mobile-communications standard has taken digital networking to a new level.

Dresden has made a name for itself worldwide with the CeTI (Centre for Tactile Internet with Human-in-the Loop) Cluster of Excellence at the Technische Universität Dresden (TUD). International communications researchers come to the city to take advantage of the skills on offer here. The centre pools expertise from 24 scientific disciplines relating to the next generation of mobile communications. Professors and scientists co-operate at an interdisciplinary level, jointly researching what future communications will look like. Supported by industrial partners, they conduct research in the areas of hardware, wireless, network & mobile edge cloud, and tactile internet applications. They have even been working on 6G since 2018.

5G is also already in practical use at a number of Dresden industrial establishments, including globally renowned companies such as Volkswagen, Bosch and GLOBALFOUNDRIES.