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Municipal citizen survey 2020 (KBU)

From 7 March 2020, around 18,000 citizens of Dresden, selected at random from the registry, will receive the questionnaire documents. The Oberbürgermeister requests all those contacted to take part in the municipal citizen survey.

The municipal citizen survey (KBU) is taking place for the 13th time since 1993. The body responsible for preparation, technical implementation and evaluation of the survey is the Municipal Statistics Office of the City of Dresden, in close collaboration with the offices of the city administration. The goal is to gain a representative picture of the living conditions of the population and trace development in the spheres of housing, the environment, transport, safety, voluntary services and care. The collated survey results are an important reason for decisions taken by both the city council and administration. To ensure the statistical representativeness and reliability of the survey results, it is important that as many as possible of the citizens of Dresden contacted take part.

Have you received a questionnaire? You can take part online:

Please take a look on your letter or on the questionnaire to find out which of the three questionnaires you received (A, B or C). Click below on the corresponding link to the online questionnaire. Now enter your access code, which can be found on your letter.


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