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Municipal Citizen Survey 2020 (KBU)

In March 2020, 18,000 citizens of Dresden were selected at random from the local register and asked to participate in the 13th Municipal Citizen Survey on a diversity of topics relating to life in the city. More than 6,000 of those contacted actually responded. It was also possible to complete the questionnaires online, and a third of the respondents made use of this option. Overall, the survey achieved a response rate of 34.5 per cent. The City of Dresden thanks all those who responded for their participation.

The following thematic complexes were addressed by the latest Municipal Citizen Survey: Housing, characterisation of the city, quality of life, voluntary work, care, local government, health and life situation, environment, traffic and security. In the following, you will find a few brief summaries of the results in selected thematic areas.

The people of Dresden describe their city as tradition-conscious, green and hospitable

The descriptive attribute which received the highest level of endorsement among the population of Dresden was tradition-conscious (average grading 1.9). This score has remained constantly high since 2010. There is furthermore widespread agreement that the city is green (2.1) and hospitable (2.2). The attributes modern and cosmopolitan received less endorsement. Characterisation of the city as cosmopolitan, in particular, was evidently suppressed due to the Pegida movement, but has been increasing once more since 2016. Ostensibly improving endorsement was also determined for the characterisation of Dresden as a child-friendly city. The statement that Dresden possesses an attractive city centre was similarly received with very broad agreement.

Around three-quarters of the respondents in each case said that more should be done for children, young people and citizens with disabilities. There was also extensive support for increased commitment to the concerns of families, senior citizens and the homeless. Thirty per cent expressed the opinion that less or significantly less should be done for asylum-seekers and refugees.


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