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Dresden offers a wide range of cultural activities all year round with exhibitions, concerts, open-air festivals and city (district) festivals. Experience the annual highlights of the calendar of events – the International Dixieland Festival and the Dresden Music Festival in spring, the film nights on the banks of the Elbe in the summer months and the Dresden Striezel Market in the run-up to Christmas.

Two anniversaries in the year 2024

The year 2024 is marked by two great artists closely associated with Dresden and Saxony, and will always remain so.

Caspar David Friedrich's 250th birthday is commemorated in 2024, sparking numerous events across Germany. The Romantic artist had his center of life in Saxony, and from August 2024, two exhibitions showcasing his works will be held at the Staatliche Kunnstsammlungen Dresden.

The author Erich Kästner, a famous Dresdner, has and will continue to captivate generations of children and adults with his literature. In celebration of his 125th birthday, various institutions such as the Erich Kästner Museum, the Semperoper, and the Kulturpalast are offering events under the series 'All About Kästner'.