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Twin cities

Twin city partnerships enjoy a long and fruitful tradition. In the years after the Second World War, they offered new possibilities for understanding and reconciliation. And today still, they are an invaluable platform on which to get to know other countries and peoples, to overcome preconceptions and to establish friendship. The idea of a "Europe of the citizens" is filled with life by the twin city movement.

Dresden is twinned with a total of 13 other cities in Europe, Africa, North America and Asia, and each of these partnerships can point to its own history and significance. The relationships are characterised by a wide diversity of projects, for example school and youth exchanges, the cooperation of clubs, societies and associations, economic partnerships and numerous links between the local governments and administrations. The latest enrichment is our intention to further intensify the good relations to our twin cities by way of joint contributions to European study and research projects.

We are always glad to help establish further contacts to the twin cities and would be pleased to offer our assistance to special projects.


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