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Hamburg (Germany)

Linked by the Elbe, but more than just that! Dresden and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg have been partners since 1987.

Various private and business commitments have formed the basis for innumerable lasting contacts: In the meantime, over 50 Hamburg companies have established offices and subsidiaries in the Saxon capital. It would be impossible to count the number of Hamburgers themselves.

Population: 1,730,000

Geographical location: In the North German Plain on the lower reaches of the Elbe, 100 kilometres upriver from the North Sea

Profile: It was in the 9th century that Charlesmagne founded the mission settlement which was later to become Hamburg. Trade was already very important at that time. In 1351, Hamburg joined the Hanseatic League and experienced a heyday with its breweries. After centuries of struggles with Denmark, Hamburg finally received full sovereignty in the 19th century. In May 1842, a great fire destroyed much of the city, but it was subsequently rebuilt relatively quickly thanks to the ongoing industrialisation. During the Second World War, Hamburg was a prime target for Allied bombing, and was devastated by a firestorm in July 1943. In February 1962, an unprecedented storm flood left large areas of the city under water.

Hamburg is one of the largest sea ports in the world, the most important economic centre in Northern Germany, a focal point for trade, service industries and the media, a congress and fair venue, and a cultural magnet (for example musicals).

Tips: "Hamburger Dom" fair (three times a year), Hamburg Ballet Festival in the State Opera House, Port Anniversary (May), German Derby (July), Alster Fair (September), Hamburg Fishmarket (every Sunday morning)


President of the Senate and First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

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