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Coventry (United Kingdom)

This partnership has become an international symbol for reconciliation and the will for peace, since the two cities which had suffered so greatly during the Second World War stretched out hands of friendship already in the mid-fifties.

In 1959, they made their partnership official. Coventry is thus Dresden's oldest twin city.

Over the course of the years, all manner of exchanges have taken place between the most varied interest groups. The Lutheran Church in Saxony is a particularly committed contributor, organising camps, youth exchanges and mission work in cooperation with its English "colleagues" from Coventry Cathedral and the Coventry Association for International Friendship. But the contact is at the same time no less lively between schools, artists, musicians and local government representatives from the two cities.

Population: 306,700

Geographical location: Central England; County of West Midlands

Profile: It was in 1043 that Leofric, Earl of Mercia, and his wife Godiva founded the Priory Church of St. Mary, as the first cathedral in Coventry. Godiva was a very religious woman and well known for her generous gifts to church communities. Coventry also owes its most famous legend to "Lady Godiva": According to the popular story, she rode through the streets naked to force her husband to waive the oppressive taxation imposed on the local people. At the end of the 14th century, Coventry was one of the four largest cities in England. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, silk weaving and timepieces were the most important branches of industry in Coventry. In the 1860s, James Starley developed Britain's first bicycle, and thereby laid foundations for the later emergence of a very strong car industry in Coventry. The night of 14 November 1940 changed everything - Coventry fell victim to the Second World War blitzkrieg, and a considerable area of the city was destroyed. Today, Coventry is a very important industrial location (motor vehicles, high-tech, textiles, clocks), as well as a centre of banking and commerce.

Tips: The city has a great deal to offer its visitors: Mediaeval churches, museums, leisure parks, shopping centres, gardens... Attractions which no visitor should miss are the ruins of the Old Cathedral and the new Coventry Cathedral, the Holy Trinity Church, the Lady Godiva statue on Broadgate and the many museums. Those interested in the history and culture of the city should visit the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, with its exhibitions on local heritage and the legend of Lady Godiva. The Coventry Transport Museum presents a collection of 220 cars, 250 bicycles and 90 motorcycles, and children will be delighted by the Coventry Toy Museum. For art lovers, the Warwick Arts Centre, with its theatre, concert hall, cinema, art exhibitions, bars and cafés, and the Belgrade Theatre are the most important addresses. Mediaeval Spon Street has been lovingly restored and today welcomes visitors with a diversity of shops, cafés, galleries, bars and restaurants. If you prefer something modern, the new SkyDome Arena is the place to head. Coventry also loves to celebrate and hosts numerous major events and festivals during the year, for example the Coventry Festival (music and theatre, June), the International Festival of Church Music (every two years, last held June 2008) and the Royal Agricultural Show (July).


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