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European and International Relations

Welcome to the cosmopolitan city of Dresden!

Our city is in the heart of Europe. We are proud to have guests from all over the world. Many foreign students, investors and specialists are glad to live here. They all contribute actively to the outstanding development of the city and its cosmopolitanism.

It has long since been a tradition to look beyond the local boundaries, and this was in the past a decisive factor in Dresden's becoming one of the most splendid cities in Germany and Europe. This tradition fills us with pride. It must be fostered and filled with life.

Local governments today are more and more influenced by European decisions. Even the everyday life of the citizens is affected by European regulations. It is important to set clear signals. Dresden is committed to European relations which, on the one hand, are effective inwardly, strengthening Dresden's awareness and competence for Europe, but on the other hand also represent the city's special interests and consolidate Dresden's position among the cities of Europe. Such European relations should involve and integrate all sectors of society, as well as the region, in order to be able to exploit the synergy effects.

Dresden cooperates closely, furthermore, with other European cities and organisations within the framework of partnerships, networks and projects. The objective is to exchange information and experience, to tackle together the elaboration and implementation of solutions to the complex problems facing the European cities, and to stand side by side in formulating and representing municipal interests.

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