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City hall of the state capital Dresden from a bird's eye view
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Smart City Dresden

Municipalities face a number of current and future challenges, such as demographic change, climate action, the Energiewende energy-policy transition, and eco-friendly mobility. As one of Europe’s leading high-tech hubs, Dresden is working with many partners to develop and test the latest technologies for future-oriented urban development.

Business, science, administration and politics are performing this process collectively. And citizens can play an active role in several projects via the Zukunftsstadt platform.

The aim is to permanently increase the standard of living in Dresden and the competitiveness of the local economy, thereby improving the Saxon capital’s capacity to cope with future needs.

Dresden is one of the very few regions in Europe to have the technological bases – through the Silicon Saxony cluster - for a smart city, namely highly innovative micro and nanoelectronics and software. The IT and software industry is now the largest generator of new jobs in Dresden.

Dresden-based players from research and business have for years been setting the pace globally for smart-city solutions in many areas, including mobile-communications technologies and sensor systems.