Landeshauptstadt Dresden - 11.09.2023 14:33:55 Uhr 05.03.2024 07:11:21 Uhr

Electromobility in Dresden

The City of Dresden is teaming up with SachsenEnergie GmbH and other scientific and business partners to prepare services to keep expanding the network of public electric charging stations, and thus ensure reliable availability of charging stations across the metropolitan area. As a model city for electromobility, the City of Dresden, along with its partners, is ensuring everything is in place for the switch to electric vehicles and for a sustainable future. Duly labelled electric vehicles, for example, get the first two hours free at municipal car parks.

Together with our partners, we are working on an intelligent usage concept for barrier-free access for users and a reliable charging infrastructure, without overloading the power grid. In doing so, we hope to improve the city's air quality by giving citizens the opportunity to use more electric vehicles and fewer combustion-engine cars. The city's intermodal mobility stations, which facilitate electromobility, car-sharing, bike-hire systems and local public transport (a.k.a. MaaS, Mobility as a Service), are a crucial step in this transition. By combining electromobility and more frequent car-sharing, the city can reduce both its stationary traffic and emissions.

Four projects for setting up charging stations in Dresden are currently being run as part of the Clean Air immediate action programme. The City of Dresden has so far already started up over 200 charging stations across the metropolitan area, with more currently being planned and built. By the end of 2022, the metropolitan area will have over 300 public and 100 private charging stations available at its administrative offices and privately owned businesses.

Further information on the public charging stations and MOBI stations can be found in the themed map