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European project for sustainable urban development

Dresden on its way to becoming one of Europe’s leading Smart Cities

The European Commission recently awarded its tender to the “MAtchUP”* project, selecting it as the flagship project of the “Smart Cities and Communities” initiative as part of the “Horizon 2020” research and innovation programme. Dresden joins Valencia (Spain) and Antalya (Turkey) as a trailblazer in this project, a “Lighthouse City”.

As such, it is one of four Lighthouse Cities in Germany, alongside Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. The project also includes four “Follower Cities”: Skopje (Dresden’s twin city in Macedonia), Herzlia (Israel), Ostende (Belgium) and Kerava (Finland). The consortium, led by the city of Valencia, consists of 28 partners from eight different countries. Over the next few years (2017 to 2022), the European Union will be injecting some 17.5 million Euros into the project, around 4.5 million of which will be allocated to Dresden’s partners.

The project itself revolves around creating smarter, clean cities capable of handling the challenges of climate change. Followers are expected to benefit from the Lighthouse Cities’ knowledge, and use this accordingly for their own transformation processes. The aim is to bring cities, industry and citizens together to implement solutions and business models which generate measurable success in areas such as energy and resource efficiency and new markets.

The project in Dresden was officially launched, 19 December.

* MAtchUP: „MAximizing the UPscaling and replication potential of high level urban transformation strategies”

Johannstadt becomes a Smart City district

The combination of additional urban development measures is particularly set to transform Dresden’s Johannstadt into a smart, energy-efficient district. This will be further aided by an “Urban Platform” developed as part of the project, and which is designed to enable access to city data and project data from MAtchUP.

In relation to energy

  • Setting up photovoltaic systems on Vonovia rooftops, and using the electricity on site
  • Combining renewable energies, storage and smart regulation
  • Integrating smart meters and submetering
  • Integrating renewable energies for tenants (providing local renewable energy for direct consumption by tenant power models)
  • Offering tenants transparency and control over their energy consumption (Smart Tenant = enables real-time information on energy consumption in order for synchronised energy supply and demand to be facilitated in future)
  • Developing smart buildings among existing structures and new buildings (Smart Meter Gateway)
  • Building a central building control centre as a pilot structure to record and optimise the energy consumption of all municipal buildings in Dresden (schools, day-care centres etc.)
  • Integrating renewable energies into Dresden’s district heating system

In relation to transport and electromobility

  • Setting up mobility points enabling e-vehicle charging
  • Providing charging points for tenants
  • Smart metering, and further developing the access and billing models for charging processes