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AIDS and sexually transmitted infections

The Counselling Centre for AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections offers anonymous and free tests, examinations, counselling and information.

Do you want to know? Tests for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections

Services and examinations

  • Information and counselling on HIV/AIDS (AIDS counselling) and other sexually transmitted infections
  • Tests for HIV (so-called “AIDS test”), hepatitis, syphilis
  • Tests for chlamydia and gonorrhoea – predominantly for the risk groups “men who have sex with men” and sexworkers (it is essential to visit your doctor if you have symptoms!)
  • Psychological help in handling conflicts and life crises regarding sexuality
  • Counselling for those living with HIV and their relatives
  • Contact mediation to specific networks (practitioners, independent sponsors, authorities)
  • Testing and counselling for sexworkers, outreach work
  • Prevention events for school kids, youths, different occupational groups
  • Training for spokespeople
  • Information stands
  • Information material


Counselling Centre for AIDS and STI

City of Dresden
Public Office for Health and Prevention

Consultations and tests are only possible by prior telephone arrangement.

Visitor address

Bautzner Straße 125
01099 Dresden

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Phone 0351-4888290

Opening hours

Tuesday8 am-12 pm and 2 pm-6 pm
Thursday8 am-12 pm and 2 pm-6 pm
Friday8 am-12 pm