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Registering a pet

Would you like to register a tortoise, grey parrot or other protected animal that you’ve bought? The Environmental Agency (Umweltamt) is the competent registration authority.

Pets must be registered to control the trade of endangered wild animals and combat crimes involving protected species. The populations of numerous species of wild plants and animals around the world are currently endangered or facing extinction. This is mainly caused by the human destruction of habitats. However, species are also disappearing as a result of the trade in endangered plants and animals and the growing demand for exotic pets. In order to effectively combat this, the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora has established a comprehensive set of legislation to control the international sale of endangered animal and plant species. You too can help to preserve natural populations in their countries of origin. When purchasing wild animals, please buy responsibly and check where they come from. If possible, animals should come from breeding or ranching programmes, as this is the only way to preserve wild animal populations. An animal’s origin is usually documented in its proof of origin, and this must be presented during registration.

Exemptions from the registering obligation

No registration is required for the following animals:

  • Classic domestic animals, as opposed to wild animals (e.g. cats, rabbits, hamsters);
  • Invertebrates (e.g. spiders, insects, scorpions);
  • Individual species due to good breeding results (e.g. Madagascar day gecko, ball python, green-and-black poison dart frog).

 Legal basis: Federal Regulation for the Protection of Species (BartSchV)

Link to registration form

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