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Administrative Offences – Convenient Payment Terms

The following section deals exclusively with convenient payment terms that may be granted by the Fines Office on the basis of Section 18 of the Act on Regulatory Offences (OWiG).

General questions


What else do I have to consider?

If you fail to properly declare and justify the unreasonableness of an immediate payment within the deadline, or if you fail to present the appropriate evidence, your application for instalments or deferred payments will have to be rejected.

Once your application has been rejected, your claim shall be transferred to the Tax Office and City Treasury for a formal reminder and forced redemption of the sum.

If you are granted convenient payment terms, you must make sure the amounts due are transferred on time and in full; otherwise, the full outstanding amount shall become immediately payable.

A decision regarding convenient payment terms can be repealed or changed, e.g. following changes to the applicant’s income and financial situation.

Merely applying for convenient payment terms does not entitle the applicant to deferred payments, which means any initiated enforcement measures (e.g. seizure executed by the Executive Authority of the Tax Office and City Treasury) can initially be continued.