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Payment Information for Penalties and Fines

Please remember to state your file number or payment reference (5999…, 5743…) when paying a penalty or fine, so that we can clearly identify your payment.

If you have lost your letter, it will be helpful to state your name or vehicle registration plate. If a settled penalty can be identified in time, a fine notice will not be issued.

If you have been cautioned for an offence in stationary or moving traffic, you can easily and conveniently pay online. Please use the online hearing portal for this. You can find the necessary access data in the letter you receive from the Fines Office. Access the online hearing portal .

Otherwise, please use the following bank details:

Beneficiary Landeshauptstadt Dresden
IBAN  DE45 8505 0300 3120 0000 26

You can also make a cash deposit. You must also state the payment reference when paying in cash. If possible, please bring along the letter you’ve received from the Fines Office, so that your payment can be clearly identified.

Pay desk opening hours

Transfers via other payment methods such as PayPal are not allowed. Such payments will not be accepted.

Responsible department: