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Exemption from Physical Education

Physical education teachers shall determine the type and scope of a child’s health-related exemption from physical education classes for up to four weeks.Following this initial four-week period, exemptions can be granted on the basis of a doctor’s note.If a health-related exemption from physical education lasts over four weeks, it must be authorised by the Child and Adolescent Healthcare Service (Kinder-und Jugendärztlicher Dienst). If the grounds for exemption are obvious, there is no need to submit a doctor’s note.

Legal basis

The legal basis for exemptions from physical education is the School Healthcare Regulation (Schulgesundheitspflegeverordnung) of 10 January 2005.

Regulation of the Saxon State Ministry of Cultural Affairs on School Healthcare (Schulgesundheitspflegeverordnung – SchulGesPflVO) of 10 January 2005.