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Applying for an emissions sticker

Applying for an emissions sticker

Emissions stickers are available at the following locations:

  1. Motor vehicle registration authority and
  2. recognised locations that carry out emissions tests, e.g.
  • emission test workshops or
  • approved testing organisations, such as DEKRA, FSP, GTÜ, KÜS, TÜV Süd.

You will receive an emissions sticker for your vehicle if it belongs to one of the following emission categories (2 to 4):

  • Emission category 2: red sticker
  • Emission category 3: yellow sticker
  • Emission category 4: green sticker

No sticker can be issued if your vehicle falls into emission category 1 (older petrol engines before Euro 1 and older diesel vehicles with a Euro 1 emission standard or worse).

The category (sticker colour: yellow, red and green possible) of the vehicle is determined by the issuing authority based on certain key numbers.


Description of fees: Fee of EUR 5 depending on the supplier.

Minimum fee: EUR 5.00

Payment methods: cash, EC card