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Driving licence

The driving licence authority is responsible for granting driving licences, issuing driving licences, replacement driving licences and international driving licences as well as for exchanging old driving licences for EU card driving licences.

They also monitor multiple offenders (traffic offenders) and provisional drivers. Individual questions must generally be clarified in a personal meeting and will not be answered by telephone for data protection reasons.

If you have any questions about the driving licence, such as changes to personal details, driving ability, extension or addition to the driving licence, exceptions and other things, you will find information in the following detailed descriptions or you can ask the driving licence authority to avoid errors, unnecessary extra work and personal hassle.

Please be aware: Personal documents (ID card, passport) must be presented for all matters concerning the driving licence authority and a personal appearance is frequently required.

Please note: Proof of first aid training (9 lessons) must always be provided in the event of an application for the granting, extending or renewing a driving licence in accordance with Section 19 Driving Licence Ordinance (FeV). “Old” evidence of training in immediate measures at the scene of an accident (8 lessons) can no longer be recognised. Exceptions to this are holders of class C or class D driving licences. Other exceptions are class C1 if this was issued after 30 June 1999.

Applying for a driving licence

Reissuing a driving licence