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Regional networking and initiation of urban-rural cooperations

Module 4: Regional Integration and Project Management

Six arms and hands grasp each other and form a network

OLGA is looking for new urban-rural partnerships of municipalities, districts, associations, companies and encourages the population to participate in regional development processes on the topics of land use, regional food, regenerative energy production and the shaping of their immediate living space in the urban, peri-urban and rural context. For this purpose, a concept with recommendations for action and possible requirements for a regional authority will be developed in close cooperation with all relevant actors. This authority will take care of the establishment, moderation and stabilisation of urban-rural cooperations in the Dresden region.

In module 4 the following activities will be carried out:

  • Analysis of regional governance structures in the Dresden region and creation of a concept for regional integration
  • Support of city-regional cooperations in the field of regional added value
  • Initiation of cooperations between the state capital Dresden and the surrounding municipalities and districts
  • Coordination of joint projects and public relations


Overall project management and coordination of module 4

City of Dresden, Mayor's Office

Anke Hahn

Officer for regional cooperation

City of Dresden, Mayor's Office

Rüdiger Kubsch