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Tram & Bus

12 tram routes and 29 bus routes are in regular service and together make up an extremely dense network of local public transport. The Dresden transport corporation DVB brings its passengers comfortably and inexpensively to their individual of 707 destinations, whether that be in the city itself or in the surrounding communities.

A lot of work has gone into maintenance of the tracks over the past few years. In the future, separate track beds and intelligent traffic signals at junctions are to provide for even more rapid progress. The modernisation of the Tatra trams already began at the beginning of the 1990s. In the meantime, the fleet has also been extended through the acquisition of low-floor trams and low-floor buses. Among the 169 trams are currently 166 low-floor trams. Moreover, among the 147 buses is the first hybrid bus in Europe.

A closer look at the DVB network will reveal two special tourist attractions almost hidden from view. The themed tram routes wind their way like recreational trails along interesting courses through the city and out into Dresden’s surroundings. As well as their general function as part of the regular network, the so called culture route "4" and the shopping route "9" connect themed sightseeing stops.