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Residence permit

A residence permit is generally only granted and renewed for a specific residence purpose by the Department of Foreigners on application. The period of validity is always limited. Decisions are generally subject to a fee. The following requirements must be fulfilled for a residence permit to be granted: 
  • Passport requirement fulfilled
  • Entry with required visa 
  • Identity and where necessary nationality clarified 
  • Living expenses guaranteed 
  • Non-application of deportation reasons.

The residence law allows for a right of residence for the following purposes of residence:

  • Residence for education purposes 
  • Residence for employment purposes 
  • Residence under international law, humanitarian or political reasons 
  • Residence for family reasons.

Some of the residence purposes have different requirements which must be proven by submitting the corresponding documents.

Where the foreigner was obliged to take part in an integration course, proper attendance will be taken into consideration when deciding on renewing the residence permit.