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Residence for family reasons

A residence permit may be granted and renewed to establish and maintain the family community on German territory for foreign family members (following family members) to protect marriages and family in accordance with Article 6 of the German constitution (GG). The right to follow family members is granted in the following cases: 
  • Following Germans 
  • Spouses following foreigners
  • Children following foreigners

In order for family members to follow foreigners, it is assumed that the person on German territory has a permanent residence permit or a residence permit, sufficient living space is available and that living expenses are covered. Conditions for following German citizens are somewhat simplified.

Regardless of the type of residence title held by the foreigner living on German territory, family members are initially granted temporary residence permits. The residence permit entitles the following foreigner to be employed or to work to the same extent as the person living on German territory whom they followed.

The regulations for persons following same-sex partners are the same as those for following Germans or foreigners, provided the partnership is registered.