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Residence for educational purposes

Only temporary residence permits can be granted for 
  • School visits 
  • Language courses 
  • Study and
  • Other educational purposes (e.g. company education and further training).

Foreigners can be granted temporary residence permits for applying for studies and studying at a state or state-approved university or comparable educational institution. Application for studies may not take longer than 9 months. Subsequent preparation for the course of studies may not take more than 2 years. The residence permit entitles the applicant to take up employment which does not exceed 90 days or 180 half days per year, and to take on student jobs. However, the job may not significantly delay the completion of the studies, which must be completed within an appropriate period. After successful completion of the studies, students have up to one year to find a job appropriate for their course, if this job can be filled by foreigners. The applicant must prove that they have sufficient funds to cover living expenses including sufficient health insurance protection. Funds equal to the maximum rate of the German national legal grant (BAföG) shall be considered sufficient. The amount comprises the following items:

  • The basic rate of € 333, 
  • The supplement for housing, amounting to € 133,
  • The supplement for rent and additional costs which exceed € 133, of € 64 
  • The total of € 47 for health insurance and 
  • A further € 8 for care insurance.

This results in a monthly maximum grant of € 585. If proof is submitted that the rent and additional costs of the accommodation are less than € 133, the amount required is reduced by € 64.

The following methods in particular fulfil the requirements for proof of sufficient funds:

  • Proof of the income and asset situation of the parents or 
  • A commitment in accordance with § 68 of the Residence law (AufenthG) or 
  • Payment of a security onto a locked account in Germany from which only one twelfth of the total lodged can be withdrawn or
  • Lodging a bank guarantee to be renewed annually with a financial institution on German territory or a financial institution which is entitled to bank in Germany unless the bank guarantee has a longer period.

Sufficient funds shall also be deemed to have been proven if the stay is financed by 

  • Scholarships from German state funds or 
  • Scholarships from organisations recognised in Germany or
  • Scholarships from state funds of the country of origin, if the Department of Foreign Affairs, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) or another German scholarship provider has arranged the placement at the German third level institute.

Also, a residence permit can be granted to take part in language courses which do not serve to prepare for studies (e.g. intensive German language course) or to attend school in exceptional cases. If approved by the Federal Employment Agency, a residence permit can be granted for company education and training.

During stays for educational purposes, no residence permits for other purposes can be granted or renewed.

The regulations in § 9 of the AufenthG (Residence Law) (granting of a permanent residence permit) do not provide for foreigners resident in Germany for educational purposes.