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Rental transporters from Dresden taking Germany by storm

A delivery van from CarlundCarla
A delivery van from CarlundCarla is a Dresden-based start-up that rents out minibuses at fair prices – with particularly transparent and user-friendly booking processes to boot. A group of Dresden university students came up with the idea in 2013 when a lack of money saw them forced to all share a T4 minibus. Today, the Carl & Carla car-sharing model is present in many German cities, offering customers both large removal trucks (Carl) and smaller buses (Carla) for passenger transportation. The company was part of Volkswagen’s ‘Future Mobility’ incubator programme at the Transparent Factory in Dresden. The long-term plan is to offer a wide range of services in all major German cities, and work with partners to develop new ideas for improving mobility in future. To do this, Carl & Carla is also seeking to make part of its fleet electric.