Landeshauptstadt Dresden - 28.09.2021 16:10:01 Uhr 16.07.2024 10:27:44 Uhr

The innovative solar film


The ability to develop renewable energies is of key importance when it comes to fighting climate change, and photovoltaic systems play an important role here. In their current form, however, their area of application remains extremely narrow. For example, many areas of buildings cannot be utilised, as they do not have the load-bearing capacity, the shape does not fit or the materials are unsuitable. Heliatek offers an innovative solution to fully maximise the potential offered by solar energy plants in such cases: flexible solar films. These enable exceptionally thin, pliable solar modules to be affixed to all kinds of surfaces without the need for any substructures. Heliatek launched the new technology on the market in 2021, and, by 2030, it hopes all buildings will be able to be fitted with the organic thin-film solar solutions and be totally supplied with independent green electricity. With its chemical know-how and expertise in series production, Heliatek is well on its way to becoming the world’s first mass producer of solar films.