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Child day care

You will find here information about child day care in Dresden. You will experience and discover the advantages of child day care. Moreover, you will get an overview of different forms of child day care in Dresden. You will also find information in different languages on this topic.

Child day care

Child day care service in Dresden means that your child can go to a day care facility (also known as Kita for short) or a child day care centre. Child educators take care of your children there. They make sure that your children freely play, laugh, learn and get into contact with the German language. That means that your children also learn German and get prepared for school. This is very important for the future of your children.

When the children are in a day care centre, parents have time for a language course or a job. The knowledge of the German language enables you to communicate better at public authorities, at school, with your doctor or your social worker. This is especially good for women, who are able to speak German because they can manage daily trips on their own: to the kindergarten, to school, to the women's club.

On the following Internet pages you will find an overview and basic information on this topic. You will also find information about the different forms of child day care in Dresden. In addition, you will discover all the benefits of child day care.