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Stallhof and Procession of Princes

In the Middle Ages, knightly games and tournaments took place in the Stallhof (Stall Courtyard), which is part of the big Royal Palace complex. Today, the court between the Johanneum and the "Langer Gang" (Long Arcade) is used for cultural events. The Procession of Princes is located on the outside of the Stallhof, on Schlossplatz Square. The 101-meter-long mural represents the history of the Wettins, Saxony’s ruling family, as a larger-than-life procession of riders.

After a great deal of preliminary work, the artwork by Wilhelm Walther was completed for the 800th anniversary of the princely House of Wettin between 1872 and 1876, as a sgraffito on the outside wall of the Langer Gang. Because of weather conditions, the work quickly began to fade, and was transferred to Meissen porcelain tiles between 1904 and 1907 to preserve it. More than 24,000 tiles were used to represent the 35 margraves, princes and kings as well as 59 scientists, artisans, craftsmen and farmers.

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