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Neumarkt Square

The Neumarkt Square, probably the best-known square in Dresden’s downtown, is being reconstructed gradually, following its former opulent Baroque design. The goal of the new buildings is to recreate the historic structures.
The Neumarkt area has only been part of Dresden since 1548. The square developed its structure and its particular charm during the Renaissance, characterized by the typical gabled houses. With its continuing construction during the early Baroque period, the Neumarkt matured into a completed work of art. The Seven Years’ War from 1756 to 1763 seriously damaged the area. The square was later rebuilt in a simpler late-Baroque style. With the construction of the Frauenkirche in 1726 -1743, by George Baehr, the area came together more strongly and created a symbolic whole for the first time.

In subsequent years the square changed very little, but it did bear witness to numerous political conflicts, such as the revolutionary street battles in May 1849 and the destructive attacks of World War II. The ruins of the Frauenkirche and its surrounding area remained untouched for many years, acting as a memorial.
The dedication of the Frauenkirche on October 30, 2005 breathed new life into the Neumarkt. Since then, numerous historic quarters have been renovated, combining elements of the traditional and the modern. The stately houses, with their faithful recreations of the original façades, lend historic flair and create an inviting strolling, shopping and dining experience.

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