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The cathedral is Dresden’s youngest Baroque building. With a floor plan measuring nearly 4,800 square meters, it is also the largest church in Saxony. The crypt of the Catholic "Sanctissimae Trinitatis" cathedral, on Schloßplatz, contains 49 sarcophagi of the Wettin princes and kings as well as their relatives. It is also the resting place of the heart of Augustus the Strong.
The balustrades and niches of the Chathedral are adorned with 78 stone figures. Measuring 3 ½ meters in height, they were created by Lorenzo Mattielli and represent the Apostles, saints and church dignitaries. The Cathedral was constructed in the Baroque style between 1739 and 1755, by Italian architect Gaetano Chiaveri. The restaurant across the street, "Italienisches Dörfchen" (Italian Village), is a reminder of the Italian artisans who helped build the church. In Protestant Saxony, plans for the construction of the church had to be kept strictly confidential.

Since 1980, the Cahthedral has been the Cathedral of the Dresden-Meissen Diocese. Its valuable fittings include the Rococo Permoser pulpit, the Meng altarpiece and a Silbermann organ.

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