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Modern Art

Modern art has a very special meaning in Hellerau, Dresden. This district is the venue for the "CYNETART", which was first held in 1997. The festival is about cultural reflections by means of computer-aided art, and it presents projects distinguished by their integration of art, science and media technology. The festival is organized by the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau (TMA), a non-profit association defining itself as an institute for integral perception and media research.

Numerous joint projects in Hellerau

Through its own productions and the presentation of (media-based) art projects, the TMA tries to raise awareness of the consequences of media technology development for our self-image and world view. Many projects are carried though jointly with the "European Centre for the Arts – Hellerau".

TonLagen – a festival pleading for contemporary music

Dresden’s festival of contemporary music, "TonLagen", fires visitors’ enthusiasm just as it did in the past when it was named "Dresden Festival of Contemporary Music". "TonLagen" celebrates the creativity of contemporary music production, encouraging people to approach its variety with an open mind and take delight in listening. The range of the festival has traditionally been very wide.


The "Ostrale" is another festival known beyond the city boundaries. In the setting of the old slaughterhouse designed by architect Hans Erlwein, it covers the entire range of contemporary artists as one of Germany’s and Europe’s most important art festivals. More than 200 painters, sculptors and representatives of sound art, light sculpture, video, conceptual, installation, action and performance art present their individual creations on an exhibition space of 15,000 square metres and a 50,000-square-metre outdoor area. Since the first "OSTRALE" in 2007, the festival has gained enormous momentum and draws increasing numbers of visitors and artists.