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Dresden’s reputation as a city of art has never been reliant solely on the great number of museums but to a high degree also on the active work of fine artists. The local galleries represent a wide range of artists and current trends of contemporary art. Art lovers and collectors find an excellent selection here, ranging from painting to graphic art, sculptural art and installation to video and photography. It is the shared concern of the Dresden galleries to show and promote modern art of the present day. The "Art quarter in the Baroque quarter" houses several galleries which present a wide variety of art styles.

Galleries focus on various aspects of art

The galleries of Sybille Nütt and Ines Schulz, for example, place present-day art at the focus. Works by Dresden painters of the "verschollene Generation" (the turn-of-the-century German Expressionist generation), on the other hand, can be found in the Galerie Finkenstein. Galerie F focuses on avant-garde Czech and European glass design. Art from the first half of the 20th century takes centre stage in the Galerie Königstraße. Various techniques have been used to produce the views of Dresden shown in the Galleria Bell’Arte.

Guided tours for people with limited vision or walking ability

Some galleries offer guided tours of their exhibitions for guests with limited vision or walking ability. These galleries show sculptures and paintings whose surfaces lend themselves especially well to exploration by the sense of touch (impasto, inclusion of quartz sand or float-and-set, material collages).