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The Ore Mountains

The Ore Mountains, railway on the Fichtelberg
The Ore Mountains, railway on the Fichtelberg

The Ore Mountains are one of the most beautiful low mountain regions. They form 1,500 square kilometres of natural reserve which attracts hikers in the summer and ski enthusiasts in the winter. The Ore Mountains are also the home of the nutcrackers, carved wood incense burners, candle arches and Christmas pyramids.

Very impressive is a ride along the »Silver Route« between Zwickau and Dresden via Freiberg. This route gives witness to the centuries of silver ore mining and shows the treasures both above and below the ground in more than 25 mines. Zwickau itself is an automobile and museum town.

In the August Horch Museum Oldtimers have been polished like new while in the Robert Schumann House everything evolves around the composer and his wife. Little wonder since two monuments point to the music and automobile town: the Robert Schumann monument and a concrete Trabant.