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Saxon Switzerland

Bastei rocks, Saxon Switzerland
Bastei rocks, Saxon Switzerland

The finest panorama of the deeply cut Elbe valley and the surrounding table mountains is offered by the Bastei Rocks.

Below the viewpoint, in Rathen, one of the most beautiful natural open-air theatres in Europe awaits visitors in summer. Its repertoire covers opera and theatre, including Karl May's American Indian stories.

Further upstream on the opposite side of the river, Koenigstein Fortress, the largest fortress complex in Germany, thrones over the little town of the same name.

The nearby Baroque Garden Gross-Sedlitz, which was laid out in the French style, is well worth a short detour. The little town of Pirna is known as the gateway to the Saxon Switzerland. Visitors with more time at their disposal should be sure to make their excursion into the Elbe Sandstone Mountains on board one of the historical paddle-steamers.