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Museum of Military History

After six years of extensive construction work, the Museum of Military History is set to capture the attention of visitors not only through its impressive architecture, but also with a completely new concept for the presentation of over 800 years of German military history. Based on plans drawn up by star architect Daniel Libeskind, the historical arsenal building has received a modern detail in the form of a transparent arrowhead, which breaches the Neo-Classicist facade as an already outwardly visible expression of innovation.
Distancing itself from the usual presentations of military history, the new museum concept turns instead to the causes and consequences of war and violence. The focus is placed on the human component, on all the fears, hopes, passion, memories and aspirations, and on factors such as courage, reason and aggression, because it is only possible to understand war if its depiction can be based on human nature. With 20,000 sq.m. of indoor and outdoor exhibition place and a stock of 1.2 million exhibits, the Museum of Military History is Dresden's largest museum. The experience-oriented presentations serve to underline the new objective of becoming a museum for the whole family.

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Olbrichtplatz 2, 01099 Dresden

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