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The Yenidze is Dresden’s old cigarette factory. It was named for a tobacco-growing city in the former Ottoman Empire, now known as Genissea. In 1909, Martin Hammitzsch designed the building in the style of a large mosque, with a glass dome and a minaret-shaped chimney.
The colorful glass dome was reglazed in 1966, using more restrained colors. The Reemtsma Group took over cigarette production in 1925, and continued the business until 1953, even after the building was partially destroyed in the Second World War. After that, the Yenidze was used as a storage and administration building for the Dresden tobacco-buying association, and it was reopened as an office building in 1996 after being restored to its original style. Today there is a restaurant housed in its dome. Near Eastern readings and events are also regularly held there.

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