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Yadegar Asisi placed in a 360 degree panoramic view of the baroque splendor of Dresden the focus on the life at the Saxon court and the daily lives of citizens, shopkeepers, fishermen, domestic servants and artisans. It compresses the time from about 1695 to 1760 to an artistic snapshot of Dresden's baroque era.
The scenes with the historical figures in the circular file literally breathe the "smell of the times". Tsar Peter I, the inventor of the porcelain Böttger, Johann Sebastian Bach, or the court jester Joseph Fröhlich can be discovered. One can also see the arrival of the Sistine Madonna in is making 1754. Also, the night version has prepared splendid impressions. Off the 15 meter high viewing platform in the internal cylindrical panorama unfolds Asisi the architectural splendor and the hustle and bustle of Dresden in front of your eyes.

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Gasanstaltstraße 8b, 01237 Dresden

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Tram Nos. 1, 2 to Liebstädter Straße · Bus Nos. 64 to Gasanstaltstraße · S-Bahn Nos. S1, S2 to Dresden Reick

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