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02.12.2022 12:27:25 Uhr

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Festung Xperience

Splendor. Tears. Disasters. Closer than ever. After the dramatic flood in 2013, no effort was spared to rebuild the Dresden Fortress. Reached by way of a lift fromthe Brühl Terrace, the mighty walls give an inkling of the bellicose background to courtly splendour. A breathtakingmultimedia presentation conveys the eventful history of Germany’s once most modern fortress.   The "Fortress Xperience" uses elaborate 360° projections directly on the old fortress walls and a powerful audio system that takes guests on a unique journey through the history of the fortress Dresden. On more than a thousand square meters, nearly 30 high-performance projectors project films, animations and virtual stagings onto the walls of the fortress, which 120 guests can enjoy simultaneously during a tour lasting about an hour. For example, right at the beginning of the tour, an animated image of the Elector Moritz, once the builder of the fortress, speaks to the visitor and introduces him to the exciting history of the Fortress Dresden – and ultimately to his own history.

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Daily 10 am to 6 pm, admissionuntil 4.30 pmSee website for days closed


€12.00/10.00 children (ages 6 to 16) and school classes €4.50 pp Free admission with “schloesserlandCARD” Purchase of a time slot ticket via webshop recommended

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